Every single little piece (or packet) of information entering or leaving your network has to go through the firewall. If this involves streaming video or a large download the amount of work your firewall has to do, can get very large. Multiply that by the number of devices and staff you have……and the numbers rapidly become astronomical.

SonicWall’s offer excellent capacity and speed for their price as well as a wide range of features that go beyond the basic implementation as per “Why do I need a firewall“.


  1. Advanced Gateway Security Services

    All packets of information that are allowed to come in (e.g. when you visit a webpage) will be scrutinized against the latest threats. The next generation series of firewalls come with effective zero-day threat protection.

  2. Content Filtering

    You can control the type of websites, devices on your network are allowed to access. For example you can prevent access to social networks, gambling websites or against any number of specific web addresses. Perhaps you have a single device on your network that should only be accessing a single website, ever. This is also possible.

  3. Application Control

    This allows you to restrict use of certain resources to specific times of the day, or to control the amount of bandwidth used. E.g. you don’t want to prevent people from accessing “You Tube”, but you may want to limit the traffic to prevent more important business applications grinding to a halt.


Therefore AFLEX recommends SonicWalls due to the fact that they perform comparably against significantly more expensive firewalls and due to the comprehensive range of additional services they provide. Additionally the total cost of ownership can be significantly reduced.

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