With a fully managed firewall as a first-line defence, you need never worry about threats to your network. You get on with your business, while we watch out for the bad guys.

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First line defence

Be prepared for cyber-attacks and defend your network against malicious activity that could disrupt business

Bespoke to your business

Small home-based business or large enterprise with multiple locations – there’s a suitable solution for you

Centrally managed

Monitor the network, increase or decrease provision or identify and remedy security risks from a single portal


Protect your network with the best defence

With fully accredited and experienced engineers, we can take care of the installation, licensing and ongoing configuration changes that your network, large or small, requires. Our preferred vendor is SonicWALL, whose virtual, cloud-based and physical firewalls have consistently outperformed the competition on a performance/price basis.

So whether you need a fully managed cloud-based firewall service, want to expand your provision, or are interested in the benefits of integrating virtual assets into your existing infrastructure, talk to us about the best solutions for your specific requirements.

Avoid the headache of needing to keep up-to-date with the ever-changing nature of threats to your business. Our staff is constantly keeping ahead of the latest challenges so you don’t have to.

Gateway antivirus

Your first line of defence

Content filtering

Ensure that unsuitable websites are not accessed

Automatic investigation of suspicious files

Sent to the SonicWall lab for analysis and response

Vendor supported and hardware warranty

Get piece of mind.

Our complete managed service includes:

  • 8×5 Telephone, Email and Web Portal support
  • Request for Change (RFC) implementation within 2 hours of approval
  • Health monitoring and proactive management with fast-tracked vendor escalation
  • Accredited technicians
  • Hardware replacement
  • All licenses and hardware included

Pricing Options

Our fully managed firewall monthly cost is all inclusive with no initial set-up charges.

Our managed firewall service pricing model is dependent of the size, nature and throughput of your network. The table below is a general pricing guide but may differ depending on these three factors.

It takes into account any remote sites, the number of connections in place and the specific nature of your business. If your company streams a lot of data (e.g. a media company) then your throughput will be comparatively high. In this case your firewall will need to do more work to ensure a good standard of performance.   

Your solution will vary depending on the specific needs of your business and the type of networks required. These prices are for individual appliances. Significant discounts are available for networks containing multiple sites / firewalls.

Larger offices will require bigger firewalls. 

  • Content filtering
  • Gateway anti-virus
  • 24 x 7 vendor support
  • Priority email
  • All the features of ‘Small Business’
  • Increased capacity
  • Increased remote users
  • Increased site to site connectivity
  • All the features of ‘Small Business’
  • For larger, enterprise solutions, contact us using the form below

Prices with appliance *

Includes SonicWall Essential Protection Service Suite.

Up to 5 users

includes SonicWall TZ270

max. throughput 2Gbps


Up to 10 users

including SonicWall TZ370

max. throughput 3Gbps


Up to 20 users

including TZ470

max. throughput 3.5Gbps


Up to 30 users

including TZ570

max. throughput 4Gbps


* These prices are a guide only. Other options are available. Please contact us for specific requirements or if you need multiple firewalls.

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