As approved resellers of a large number of vendors, AFLEX can design, implement and manage your internet connectivity. We look at price, performance and redundancy to get you the best solution for your money.

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Improved productivity

With better coverage and faster, more secure connectivity, get the most out of your team and business.


Connect from anywhere

Take the business out of the office and connect securely from home, the road or the park.


Cost effective

Don’t pay for a solution that doesn’t fit your needs. Find the right strategy at the right cost for you.


Get connected. Stay connected.

Stable, reliable connectivity is essential to the seamless functioning of any business. The type of connectivity could make the difference between success and failure. When deciding on your connection strategy, there are many considerations to take into account. Combine this with the many options, infrastructure suppliers and vendors available, and the situation can quickly become overwhelming.

As approved resellers of a large number of vendors, AFLEX can take care of all of these questions and also ensure you get the best price possible.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. We have the knowledge of the best products available today so talk to us and let us help you, get and stay connected.

Have you considered...

  • How you balance cost against effectiveness?
  • How you connect remote locations to your network?
  • How you ensure the integrity and security of your network?
  • How you minimise ‘single point of failures’ in your system?
  • What fibre optic offers that ADSL does not?
  • If a lease line is worth the expense?

What about your backup connection?

Loss of connection, no matter how short, can lead to loss of revenue. Even a rudimentary connection to ensure business continuity is better than none at all.


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