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Specialised IT support in London and Hertfordshire

Since 1997, AFLEX has worked with many industry-leading vendors to deliver and manage IT services to our clients. We are an independent business working to deliver next generation hybrid infrastructures and network solutions, integrating your on-premise framework with an extension of off-premise (cloud-based) products. Our certified technical engineers and our network of trusted partners provide a quality of service of which we are proud.

In practice, we utilise all the products that we manage for our customers in our own business, ensuring that we not only understand the technical aspects but also have an appreciation for the business processes that they support.

AFLEX provides comprehensive network and data security, stable connectivity and reliable support to ensure the seamless operation necessary to drive your business forward.

To demonstrate the importance we place on our quality management and assurance processes, AFLEX became an ISO 9001 registered company in 2001.

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