Your business faces multiple, increasingly intelligent security threats on several fronts. By using AFLEX to manage your security, we can implement a strategy of preparing, predicting and protecting.

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Prepare. Predict. Protect. 

The Internet is in a constant state of change. It’s vital to everyday communications. It brings information to you and connects you to the world. Yet it doesn’t distinguish between information that is benign and that which is meant to harm. As it evolves, so to do the threats to your network security. As we grow more dependent on our technical systems and to our open connectivity, it is critical that we provide adequate defences against potential risks and possible attacks, as well as prepare for the worst outcome.

At AFLEX, our best strategy against these threats is to prepare, predict and protect. The first defense is the gateway to the internet i.e. the firewall. Secondly, as a WithSecure Silver Partner, we offer the best server and workstation protection available, along with a comprehensive deep web scanner for early threat alerts. With these powerful tools in place, we can make sure that your network is protected with the best antivirus and spam filters and prepared with the most up-to-date threat analyses.



Understanding your attack surface (potential areas of vulnerability in your digital and physical IT infrastructure) is your first defence against possible attacks.

By understanding how, when and from where you work, we’re better able to monitor and minimise the possibility of breaches.



With a clear understanding of the attack surface, we can better focus your defences on vulnerable areas.

Knowing where to anticipate a likely attack minimises the chances of a breach and the possibility  of data loss, ransomware or malware attacks and loss of business.



SonicWall’s next-generation firewall protection offers advanced threat protection for any size of enterprise, with real-time breach detection and prevention solutions.

WithSecure™ Elements is best equipped to protect endpoint devices, using the most up-to-date software available.  From zero-day ransomware to targetted attacks, it’s armed to protect endpoint devices and cloud applications.

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Trusted SonicWall virtual, cloud-based and physical firewalls with advanced threat protection for businesses of any size.

Find out more about our firewall products and firewall-managed service.  Whatever your requirements, we’ll design a bespoke solution for you.

Endpoint security

WithSecure™ Elements provides the best server and workstation protection with deep web scanning for early threat detection.

Learn how we can help you ensure your endpoint devices are armed with the best  protection against opportunistic threats.

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