It’s easier. It’s simpler. Lets face it, it’s human nature. It’s your biggest security weakness.

If you consider how many online platforms that you and your staff have ever signed up to (suppliers, vendors, customers, marketing, social media, personal, etc.) and then ask, how many of these accounts will use a business email address?

For a hacker, if any one of these online accounts have been compromised they now have an email address and password to try to gain access to your systems.

Up-to-date gateway and endpoint security (courtesy of our managed firewall  and managed computer/endpoint security services) do an excellent job of protecting your network from outside threats. However these systems are only effective if access credentials are secure. In this scenario, the attacker has a username and a commonly used password, leaving your business email/logon/remote access exposed. (As well as all those platforms listed above!)

Here at AFLEX, we have been very busy over the summer, setting up 2 Factor Authentication (2FA) for our customers. If anyone tries to access an email account from a previously unknown location (regardless of entering the correct password) , a second authentication code is required. This is typically sent in the form of a text message to the registered mobile phone number of the account holder. Banks and building societies have been using this mechanism for a while, lately in the form of a mobile app.

It adds an extra, vital, layer of security whilst not being a constant inconvenience.

Contact us today to find out how your business can implement 2FA, improve security and continually adapt to the constantly changing threat environment.