Managing your firewall is a strain on your business – if your business is not cybersecurity. You have to maintain the level of expertise, ensure everything is documented, and make sure that if someone leaves, new personnel can get up-to-speed quickly and reliably. Here at AFLEX HQ, we partner with many companies that no longer use the old business model of buying firewalls outright (and in some cases managing firewalls in-house). We provide them with a fully managed firewall as a service (FWaaS), which provides many benefits over the traditional method:

  • A managed service provider dedicated to keeping you up-to-date. Even if IT is not your core business, you still need to be aware of changes in the security environment. And if you do have an IT team, outsourcing your cybersecurity management will enable them to focus on core business initiatives instead of getting bogged down in firewall management.
  • Latest security updates. Next generation firewalls are constantly communicating with each other to ensure that once one identifies a new threat, all of its firewall friends will get the information to quickly identify it – when it comes their way.
  • No initial cost outlay. Use of any required hardware is provided as part of the service. In the event of hardware failure, another device will be provided (fully configured)……yes, as part of the service.

And the good news is….

AFLEX specialises in FWaaS. And why choose us? Simply because ALL of our team are certified on the latest SonicWall technologies, techniques, analysis and threat environments.

Our managed firewall service pricing model is reflective of the size and throughput of your network. It takes into account remote sites, the number of connections in place and the specific nature of your business. For example the traffic used by a media company which streams a lot of data will be far greater than say, an accountancy firm. 

A fully managed entry level firewall (TZ300) cost from £55.00 a month.

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