Not having Microsoft updates will cause considerably more issues and considerably greater consequences for your business. But it’s something we hear a lot here at Aflex HQ. The ‘scary’ truth is that there are a large number of already well-documented flaws and vulnerabilities in nearly every program you can think of. Any one of which could be exploited for malicious gain. Some of these are likely to have been an open secret for many months, possibly years. The best and most up-to-date anti-virus can only protect you so far. An analogy for this is you could have the most sophisticated burglar alarm system in the world – but it’s useless if you leave the doors and windows open. Therefore whether it’s for your Microsoft operating system, your Office 365 applications or your freely downloaded Adobe Reader, all security patches should be applied as soon as possible. This may cause issues with other software that you run and in these instances we would always refer to the vendor of the incompatible software rather than not applying the patch. Here at AFLEX, our customers have a mix of firewall, security and patch control options meaning that patching and third party issues are part of a fully managed process. Contact us today to find out how we can help you with our Managed Security service.