Firstly, what is a zero-day attack?! This is a device or software vulnerability that is currently unknown to vendors, distributors, anti-virus companies, I.T. teams and the wider I.T. community. In fact, unknown to everyone apart from the unscrupulous hackers who’ve just discovered it!! Until the vulnerability is addressed, the hackers can exploit it to adversely affect computer programs, data, or a network.

Traditional gateway and device anti-virus systems are very good at matching malicious signatures and their varients to known viruses. But what about unknown ones?

To protect customers against the increasing dangers of zero-day threats, firstly an up-to-date next generation firewall is essential. Secondly, SonicWall Capture Advanced Threat Protection Service (CATPS) is proven to detect and block advanced and unknown threats until a verdict is reached. The engine will open/run the suspicious file and monitor the outcomes. This happens entirely offset – “in the cloud”.

Therefore even previously unknown viruses, can be prevented from entering the network. When a positive virus verdict is reached, it will also be prevented from entering ANY network on the CATPS subscribers list.

This prevents follow up attacks or outbreaks. CATPS benefits include:

  1. High security effectiveness against unknown threats
  2. The rapid real-time response to zero-day attacks, means that follow on attacks are mitigated
  3. Block files at the gateway until verdict
  4. High performance next generation firewalls can analyse multiple files at the same time, so have minimal impact on network speeds.

This system is designed to dynamically add new malware analysis technologies as threats evolve. It can therefore provide unrivaled zero-day threat protection.

Talk to us today for more information. CATPS is provided as standard with all of our Managed Firewall services.