You regularly patch all desktops and laptops.
You regularly patch all servers.
You have up-to-date anti-virus.
You have a next generation firewall with up-to-date security services

You can confidently say, “We’re pretty secure, right?”

But how can you be sure? Robust systems testing has typically been the domain of enterprise level businesses. But a good GDPR policy for any business of any size, should require some sort of regular testing and remediation action.


Here at AFLEX HQ, we use a service that seeks to address this gap in your security procedures.

F-Secure Radar is a vulnerability detection service specifically developed for the SME market. It shows the results of a large number of tests performed on both your network and the wider internet, to enable remedial action to address specific vulnerabilities as well as proactively prevent potential incidents. 

The table below is a brief summary of the kinds of issues that the different types of test can alert you to:

F-Secure Radar Test Potential issues raised
Scans all systems.

But you thought that old computer had been thrown away?!

And who has plugged in an unknown network device?

Scans all applications.

Why has that old software not been removed? It is unpatched.

Our new company intranet hasn’t been configured correctly – there’s a security flaw.

External discovery

‘Someone’ has registered a domain name which is suspiciously like ours….Is someone trying to impersonate our company? Maybe for a phishing attack?

Our website content management system is not up-to-date with the latest patches

Remote access

The firewall is still configured to use our previous phone system. This means there is a hole in our security.

What access do our customers or suppliers have to our systems? Is it too much?

The AFLEX F-Secure Radar-as-a-managed-service is an extremely useful tool that we can provide for securing any system. It provides a list of issues that should be either directly addressed or understood sufficiently to mitigated, managed or accepted the risk.

AFLEX will provide you with an easy to understand overview report of current vulnerabilities. If required, we can action the remedial work necessary to close the vulnerability, or help you make an informed risk assessment.

It goes without saying that having a regular vulnerability report is a very big tick in your GDPR corner too.

Contact us today for more information on the F-Secure Radar. We can even arrange a demonstrate on your network.