It may be an old-fashioned term (in the history of the internet), but it is important to keep your remote working systems up-to-date. In times like these we often find customers need urgent reviews of their remote access options due to a sudden increase in demand. Here are the main methods we like to employ due to their ease-of-use for the average office worker, their security and their robustness.

Over the years we have implemented a variety of methods to connect remote users to the office – but they all have the same core infrastructure:

  1. A next generation firewall – Increasing your remote capacity can open up your systems to malicious attack. A fully managed and up-to-date firewall will ensure the integrity of your network. 
  2. A scalable, secure home to office solution – Your next generation firewall should be capable of easily increasing the number of people remotely connecting to the office
  3. A good high-speed internet connection – This one goes without saying, it is 2020 after all.
  4. A decent backup internet connection –  Always a good idea, but there needs to be monitoring of the main connection – otherwise, when your connection ‘fails over’ to the backup… one will know!

The better your internet connection the better/faster the solution. There are now a large number of products from an ever-increasing number of vendors on the market. Here at AFLEX, we have good relationships with a number of providers, so we can source, supply and manage the best performance/cost solution for your modes of business and advise on capacity planning.

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