Can your remote staff dial customers ‘from’ your office number?
Can you forward calls to your remote staff?
Can your remote staff pick up calls coming into your office?

When your remote workers are integrated into the office telephony system, that is ‘true’ remote working.

Often the humble telephone is left out of the remote working solution, and suddenly companies are left scrambling to fill this hole.

In doing so, they may be tempted to fork out more cash to keep the wheel of business turning. But it’s not necessary. You may have noticed that a fair number of communications software developers have released limited-time offers in the wake of the Covid-19 outbreak. Being a 3CX partner, we here at AFLEX offer a remote telephony solution that is built-in to your office phone system.

The solution? There’s an app for that. The 3CX app is available from the main app stores

  1. Download from your App Store

  2. Login – via a QR code

  3. Errr…That’s it!

How much does that cost?

No setup fees. No extra licences. No effort.

And for those of you who are looking forward to no-interruptions whilst working from home, yes, “Do not disturb” is also a standard feature.

Speak to us about implementing a 3CX solution.